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Wood Grain Vinyl Fence

The look you desire that lasts longer

Wood-Like Vinyl Fence

What You Need to Know

Bufftech wood grain vinyl fence is created to look and feel like a classic wood fence. The biggest difference is wood rots but Bufftech wood grain vinyl fence does not. It is low maintenance and lasts 20 plus years!

First Choice Fence Solutions desires to supply you and your clients with the best product. The Bufftech Certagrain wood grain vinyl fence is one of our top sellers in Orange County.


This fence redefines exterior living spaces with long-lasting beauty and performance. With a long range of colors, styles, and textures, Bufftech wood grain vinyl adds that luxury element that your clients desire.



Wood grain vinyl fence material is perfect for homes, communities, and commercial properties. It looks great on any property and helps communities standout among its neighbors.


You have a lot of creative options that go along with this fence material. You can install a classic privacy fence or a modern horizontal semi-privacy fence.

Bufftech wood grain vinyl comes in multiple color options ensuring a fence that matches any color you want. It will last longer than traditional wood. Its vinyl composition creates a long lasting product guaranteed to serve your property or your client's property well.


We offer 3 color options.

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