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First Choice Fence Solutions is a fence manufacturer and wholesaler in Orange County, CA.


We have a fully developed manufacturing facility run by experienced engineers ready to meet any specifications. The showroom at the front of the house allows for the public to come find the product or material they need to complete a project. First Choice has salesmen ready to help educate anyone with questions or concerns regarding fence projects, material, or specs. The goal of First Choice is to provide high quality fence products and top-notch services for all contractors, landscapers, and DIY-ers throughout Southern California.


Brief History


Established in 2011, First Choice had become its own division breaking off from Saddleback Fence and Vinyl Products. After recognizing the market’s need for a fence wholesale department, Saddleback decided to take its small and limited wholesale division and turn it into its own entity. Since 2011 First Choice has become one the most well-known fence product wholesalers in Southern California.

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