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Strong & Sturdy

Aluminum fencing is a good way to secure your client's home. Aluminum fencing has been a favorite of communities and home owners in Orange County.

Aluminum fence has many benefits that other metal materials do not. The best part about it is the longevity. It doesn't rust or rot and has an amazing warranty. Aluminum fence is light but sturdy and super easy to install. Your client is going to love it.


Whether it's an aluminum fence for a pool, yard or perimeter of a property, aluminum looks great and provides safety for your clients. Alumi-Guard aluminum is the premier aluminum fence supplier in the US and we have partnered with them so you get the best product available.


First Choice Fence Solutions has one-hundred percent fabrication capabilities and great relationships with our vendors. We have the resources and capabilities to customize your aluminum fence. If you want a blue fence, we can do that.* If you want a specific rail, we can do that. If you want a certain size or detail, we can do that too.

We have the experts and the relationships in place to get the material you need for your projects.

If you are interested in aluminum fencing. Click the button.

*custom colors may have an additional cost

Patio Covers

Patio covers are an underrated project. Many people love them and we have what you need to build beautiful structures.

Aluminum Gates

Just like our aluminum fencing, our gates have amazing benefits and qualities. Never worry about rust again.

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