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Vinyl Fence


Why Choose

First Choice Vinyl?

First Choice Fence Solutions offers high-quality smooth white and smooth tan vinyl products. This isn't the average fence material you can purchase at the orange or blue box stores. Those we like to call "shadow fencing" because when a person walks by on the other side you can see the outline of their body. Let's just say, that fence is thin and weak.


First Choice supplies thick and durable vinyl panels that create a spectacular aesthetic. Don't want panels? We have routing capabilities so you can create a beautiful vinyl picket fence as well.

At First Choice Fence Solutions we have over 40+ years of fencing experience. If you need help with your layout, deciding on a product, or have questions about your project, we would love to help you.

There are few places that allow you to purchase vinyl fence material without your fencing contractor's license. Most of the time wholesale fence manufacturers require a minimum order of material. Tough luck for you if you're a general contractor or a DIY individual. First Choice is here because of the lack of accessibility to high-quality fence material. We exist for you, the people who only know about the big box stores but care about the fence project you set out to accomplish. We provide all the vinyl fence options you need to build your fence. Don't half-ass a job that is suppose to last you a 20 plus years. Get the right material and a great price.

White vinyl is considered our vanilla, our go-to seller, and our most reliable product. Vinyl fencing has been around awhile and is not going anywhere. White vinyl fence material comes standard at 6 feet high giving your customers privacy and security. This classic fence looks great in Orange County and provides your client with the aesthetic they desire with out the expense.

If you have any questions or want pricing give us a call at (877) 412-4036.

Tan Vinyl Fence

We also provide tan vinyl. Tan vinyl is one of our most popular products. Sometimes white vinyl doesn't look the best at your home or for your project. Provide tan vinyl as another option for your project and swing by for the highest-quality vinyl fence material on the market.

Wood Grain Vinyl

Want a wood fence without the hassle?

Click the button to find out more.

Vinyl Gates

Interested in matching gates for your fence as well?

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